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Christmas Eve IN BETHLEHEM
9 DAYS ISRAEL 20th-28th December 2021.
Price 185,000/- , Children upto 50% discount

As every year, Kenyans families will celebrate Christmas at the holy land and Christmas Eve in   Bethlehem.

It is a lifetime opportunity for you and your family to be part of an amazing experience.

You will Join thousands of pilgrims from all over the world and experience Christmas right where it happened; Bethlehem! This year it will be a combination of and thanksgiving prayers in the Holy Land.

"In prayers and thanks to our Lord for all he has done for us and kept us safe during this difficult time, we pilgrimage to Holy Jerusalem to pray and thank Our Lord Jesus – Amen".

In the Christmas eve The eyes of the whole Christian world will be looking towards Bethlehem but you and your family will be there.

We promise take you through unforgettable once in a lifetime experience

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Shalom and welcome home. Welcome to the holy land Israel.

"Free Holiday Limited" tour representatives will welcome you at BEN GURION International Airport and take you through the immigration and customs process. We will drive via the coastal highway to visit the Roman theatre and crusader ruins at Caesarea, drive to Haifa. See the panoramic view from the top of Mt. Carmel. Visit the Baha’i shrine. Continue to the Carmelite Monastery Muhraka. Here you will learn about the contest between Elijah the Prophet and the 450 Baal prophets. We will visit Cana, where Jesus performed his first miracle of turning water to wine and in fact began his public activity.  We will drive to Nazareth, visiting Marys well, the church of Annunciation, which considered the home of Mary, where the angel announced to her that she would become pregnant. We then continue to Mount Precipice. Drive to The hotel for check in, dinner and overnight. (Overnight in Nazareth/ Tiberius)

After early breakfast, will drive to visit the places where Jesus performed most of His miracles. Around the Sea of Galilee – Capernaum. With Peter’s House and the famous Synagogue, enjoy the view from Mt. of the Beatitudes where the "Sermon on the Mount" was given and the reconstructed church in Tabgha, where Jesus performed the miracle of multiplying of The Bread and The Fish. We will have a short lunch break at a local restaurant. After lunch, we jump on board a boat similar to the one Jesus and His disciples used and sail on Sea of Galilee. (Overnight Nazareth/ Tiberius)

We leave Nazareth and Proceed to Kibbutz SHA'AR HAGOLAN one of the most successful kibbutz in Israel.

Here you can see how ideology, perfect organization, hard work and faith can turn the desert to a fertile land.

The main source of income is a plastics engineering factory. Also grows bananas, avocado and watermelons, and has a herd of dairy cows.

Visiting the Jordan Valley and Jericho, one of the most ancient cities in the world, the first city that was conquered by Joshua and the children of Israel. We shall stop to the Sycamore fig tree on which Zakaos the tax collector climbed. We will see the Mount of Temptation where Jesus was tempted by the devil. We will visit the site of "Caser El Yahoud" the crossing point of the children of Israel when they entered to the Promised Land.  The Traditional Baptism site for Baptism -Here you can renew your Baptism in exactly the same place where John the Baptist baptized Jesus .From here, we to drive to Bethlehem for dinner and overnight. (Bethlehem).

"Our feet are standing in your gates, O Jerusalem..." Psalm 122: 2

Today we will follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

After breakfast, we will visit the oldest churches in the world.

We will visit the church of Ascension, Here we can see Jesus' footprint. From there to "Pater Noster", where Jesus taught his disciples what would happen in the end of the days and the Lord’s Prayer. Panoramic view of Jerusalem from the summit of the Mount of Olives and follow the footsteps of Jesus in his triumphant entry into the Holy City. Visit the church of Dominus Flevit, as he approached Jerusalem and saw the city he wept over it.

Visiting Gethsemane, Where Jesus arrested. Visiting the Western Wall, which is consider the holiest site for the Jewish faith, we are able to put our notes of wishes in the cracks of the wall. Continuing to the Mount of Zion, we visit the Upper room where Jesus had the last supper with his disciples.

Visit King David's tomb and go down to Caphis House where Peter denied Jesus three times, and where Jesus spent his last night in the pit before his crucifixion.

 Driving to Bethlehem for: Usher in Christmas. On Christmas Eve.

This is the highlight of the trip. Christmas in Bethlehem.

You will join the Christmas processions and the Residents of the town as well as tourists crowd the doorways and the roof of the Basilica to get a view of the parade. Galloping horses and police mounted on Arabian horses lead the procession followed by a man riding over a black steed and carrying a cross.

After him come the churchmen and government officials. The procession quietly enters the doors and puts an ancient effigy of the Holy Child in the Church. Then the visitors taken through deep winding stairs leading to a grotto where a silver star marks the site of the birth of Jesus. The experience here is simply breath taking.

The eyes of the whole Christian world will be looking towards Bethlehem but you yourself will be there. (Overnight in Bethlehem)

The Inn of the Good Samaritan, Masada - Qumran, Dead Sea 

After a wonderful Christmas Eve night, we We drive down from Jerusalem towards the Dead Sea. On the way, we will see the "Inn of the Good Samaritan". Then visit the ancient city of Jericho. We can see in the distance where Joshua’s troops caused the walls to fall.

We reach the shores of the Dead Sea encrusted with white salt and follow the shoreline towards Masada.

Although it is possible to climb, then we take the convenient cable car up to the mountaintop plateau. Here we will get to know the heroic story and the tragic end of the last community in Judea with 960 rebels.

 Heading back to the Dead Sea we pass the desert oasis of Ein Gedi where there is lush foliage and hidden waterfalls and where David hid from angry King Saul.

 We also pass by Qumran where the 2,000-year-old Dead Sea scrolls were discovered in a number of hillside caves.

To end off a perfect day we stop at the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth, and a contender for the title of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. People come from across the globe to enjoy the therapeutic mineral-rich waters and do not worry if you do not know how to swim; the high salt content will keep you afloat. overnight Bethlehem

After breakfast We will  proceed to Jerusalem to continue our  day behind the walls of the Old City, in the pools of Beit Hesda, where Jesus performed one of his miracles, and which is also the place of birth of Mary. We will follow the path of Jesus on his last way with the cross, the fourteen Stations of the Cross (Via Delorosa). We will visit the pavement and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where the last five stations are situated. After a lunch break in the old city of Jerusalem, and free time in the Oriental Bazaar (old City market), and if time permits we visit St Johns Church, the birth place of John the Baptist. We will have a tour and a communion in the Garden Tomb. (Overnight in Bethlehem).

After breakfast and check out we will drive to Old City of Jaffa, Jaffa is fishing port and she mentioned in the biblical narrative of Jonah. We visit the St. Peter's Church for a panoramic view of Tel Aviv.

Visit the White City and stop at Independence Hall, where Ben-Gurion declared independence in 1948.  Free time shopping in Tel Aviv and pick up at 19,00PM to BEN GURION INTERNATIONL AIRPORT to fly to Kenya

Free Holiday Limited would love to facilitate your once lifetime opportunity.

There may be changes depending on the circumstances.
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